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Got polls? Disclose, disclose, disclose

See correction/update in post, added 5 hours after initial post. Maine is a lightly-polled state, at least compared to larger states and the nation at whole. Therefore it’s not surprising that every poll that’s released gets a fair amount of attention. Unfortunately, some pollsters and news stories don’t meet the minimum disclosure standards for pollsters, […]

Six great productivity tools


If you’re like me, doing your work in different locations and at many different times, you know it’s essential to be very organized. In any given week, I’m likely to be working on a presentation at night at home, consulting with a student or colleague who is across the state or the Atlantic Ocean, developing […]

Provenance and polling: Look to the polling firm’s track record

Maine’s conservative on-line “news” service, The Maine Wire (which is run by the Maine Heritage Policy Center, MHPC), responds to a poll showing Angus King ahead in the Senate race, with House incumbents Pingree and Michaud ahead as well, by saying “Consider the source.” Now, there is no doubt it’s worth looking at who conducted […]

Innumeracy strikes again

Mathematical illiteracy leads to muddled statements Back in 1988, John Allen Paulos published a book identifying and explaining mathematical mistakes in published articles. Innumeracy: Mathematic Illiteracy and its Consequencesled to lots of discussions and to some journalism departments adopting curricula intended to avoid this problem. Yet innumeracy has not gone away. One recent example from […]