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As Obamacare goes forward, guess where more are covered?

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More people have health coverage than before, as Obamacare is working. The newly covered include people who signed up for private insurance or got coverage through Medicaid or via their parents’ plans. The proof? Look to data on the percentage insured and uninsured. These data are not fully up to date yet, but see this […]

Medicaid expansion is very popular, except when lied about

Kaiser Family Foundation, March 2014 health tracking poll

Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security are very, very popular programs. So it’s not surprising that Medicaid expansion is seen so very favorably. In the new tracking poll from Kaiser Family Foundation, a poll so uniformly excellent it’s widely known as the gold standard in polling on health care, Medicaid expansion is one of the most liked […]

Behold the rise of the Insurance Deniers in the Medicaid debate


As part of debates about Medicaid expansion in Maine, a policy supported by majorities of Maine citizens and legislators, proponents noted that having insurance saves lives. Indeed, research from many studies is clear. If you want, check out this summary from a professor at Harvard Medical School, or this one from a professor at Northwestern […]

New Hampshire’s Republican-controlled Senate passed Medicaid expansion today


After getting together in multiple meetings to negotiate, Republican and Democratic leaders in the Granite State agreed on a compromise to expand Medicaid. Today the Republican-controlled Senate passed the bill, 18-5. New Hampshire’s Democratic governor backs it, and the Democratic-controlled House is also seen as likely to support it. Thus Medicaid expansion is effectively a […]

LePage and other Medicaid expansion foes attacked the “alternative” they say they back

Credit: 401(K)2013/Creative Commons.

Opponents of Medicaid expansion took strong steps and made strong statements against an “alternative” they now say they back. This makes their stated support for this “alternative” look like political rhetoric. Now, Medicaid expansion is supported by most Maine legislators and most Maine people. But that shouldn’t be surprising. Heck, even in New Hampshire, a […]

Who gets left behind by LePage and other health expansion opponents’ “alternative”?

Rep. Deborah Sanderson

Opponents of Medicaid expansion in Maine keep saying there is an alternative available to the people who would be covered under an expansion. The purported alternative is that people who would receive Medicaid under an expansion can instead buy subsidized insurance through the marketplace. For instance, Rep. Deborah Sanderson recently said on the radio that she […]