Removing confederate statues does not go far enough

Weeks before Nazi Germany surrendered to the Allies, the destruction of its regime’s symbols had already begun. In Nuremberg in late April 1945, the U.S. Army blew up a giant swastika looming over the Nazi rally grounds where Adolf Hitler had spoken to hundreds of thousands of chanting soldiers and party members.  This was just […]

Transform our politics and the police

Fifty years ago on the eve of nationwide congressional elections, Maine Sen. Ed Muskie gave an influential address decrying the toxic politics of “law and order” and calling attention to the need for systemic change. Then, like now, there was unrest in the country.  And, like now, from the White House came the claim that […]

Collins’ choices in the age of Trump have left her vulnerable this election year

What happened to the political standing of Sen. Susan Collins happened fast. Since Donald Trump became president, Collins’ job approval rating has plummeted in Maine and political analysts rate her re-election race a toss-up. When an incumbent hasn’t had a scandal but loses support so quickly, some might see that politician as a victim of […]

We’re not all in this together

The pain of this pandemic is hitting everyone but not everyone equally. Going forward, there are better policies we can adopt to help average people.  Americans have suffered in this pandemic due to corruption and incompetence, which go together because those who prize integrity pick experts over cronies.  For example, a whistleblower complaint revealed the […]

Comfort food versus chaos in the presidential race

While the economic and health damage from the COVID-19 pandemic continues, the presidential race carries on.  Former Vice President Joe Biden can’t hold events in town squares and auditoriums, but he’s giving interviews and hosting virtual town halls. And Biden is currently leading President Donald Trump in national polls and in swing states like Michigan, […]

We need vibrant democratic politics during this pandemic

Even in the middle of a pandemic, we can’t stop, won’t stop, politics.  Our fundamental democratic mechanism, voting, must continue. We are hurtling toward Nov. 3, 2020, the date of the general election designated in federal law. The Constitution itself sets the date and time for when the president’s and vice-presidents terms end — January […]

How Trump bungled the coronavirus response

With a death toll from coronavirus steadily rising and an enormous spike in unemployment, recent news is grim indeed. While President Donald Trump isn’t responsible for the existence of this dangerous virus, his actions made the situation worse. Not long ago, Trump denied that coronavirus was going to be a problem and his allies claimed […]

Get coronavirus under control first, but don’t forget about accountability 

In grappling with the emerging COVID-19 pandemic, we need to follow historical precedent and first confront our problems and then assure accountability. When Americans experience a crisis, we harness the powers of government and turn to and beyond our communities. We help each other and we mourn. After Pearl Harbor was attacked in December 1941, […]

Why Democrats should use ranked-choice voting if the convention is contested

When the Democratic National Convention meets in July, it’s quite possible this would be the first time in nearly 70 years that no presidential candidate arrives with the support of the majority of delegates who vote in the first round.  What comes next could be quite messy and divisive, and political science research suggests that […]

Why you should reject the campaign against vaccines

On March 3, you can cast a vote for better health and a healthier civic life by voting No on Question 1, a People’s Veto that would overturn a new Maine law on vaccinations.  The health consequences of fewer immunizations are clear.  Before the polio vaccine, parents were afraid of their children ending up in […]