In LePage’s Maine, little trust in state government

Somewhere out there are 30 Mainers who told someone from the Gallup poll that they trust Maine state government “a great deal.” That works out to about 5 percent of the 601 people the organization polled. You have to wonder what those very trusting 30 people would say to the rest of us. Admittedly, though, […]

As Obamacare goes forward, guess where more are covered?

Screen Shot 2014-04-05 at 9.19.08 AM

More people have health coverage than before, as Obamacare is working. The newly covered include people who signed up for private insurance or got coverage through Medicaid or via their parents’ plans. The proof? Look to data on the percentage insured and uninsured. These data are not fully up to date yet, but see this […]

Medicaid expansion is very popular, except when lied about

Kaiser Family Foundation, March 2014 health tracking poll

Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security are very, very popular programs. So it’s not surprising that Medicaid expansion is seen so very favorably. In the new tracking poll from Kaiser Family Foundation, a poll so uniformly excellent it’s widely known as the gold standard in polling on health care, Medicaid expansion is one of the most liked […]

Complexities abound in politics, but ultimately it’s time to choose

Every dollar spent by any government comes out of someone’s pocket and must be spent wisely. That’s why it’s critical not to spend more than necessary, but also to spend wisely when it’s affordable and leads to outcomes that improve the state and create greater opportunity. Hidden in those simple rules are many complexities. Who […]

A moderate GOPer on “the people who keep me up at night.” What does it mean for his party’s future?

Matt Pouliot, a freshman GOP Maine House member gave a fine floor speech this week on Medicaid expansion. The proposal was crafted by two respected moderate Republicans and includes cost-controls through managed care. Pouilot said that he’s voting for “the people who keep me up at night.” They’re the folks who make under the federal […]

LePage versus 66.44% and 62.86%

Gov. LePage

Here are the votes on Medicaid expansion in Maine so far: House: 66.44% voted yes (97-49) Senate: 62.85% voted yes (22-13) As this infographic shows, votes in favor of expansion were bipartisan, while opposing votes all came from Republicans. However, these very strong bipartisan majorities are not sufficient to overcome a LePage veto. Unless some votes […]

LePage, Medicaid expansion foes should support this alternative

Credit: 401(K)2013/Creative Commons.

Opponents of Medicaid expansion in Maine are saying they don’t have a problem with the part of Obamacare that involves people getting subsidized insurance through the marketplace/exchange. Truth be told, while these individuals have been quite critical of this element of the ACA, Gov. LePage mentioned it positively about a year ago. More recently expansion foes […]