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Now that the Court decided, will LePage enforce the laws he didn’t veto?

Update below The Maine Supreme Judicial Court ruled today that Gov. LePage lost the chance to veto dozens of bills. If they were emergency legislation, they are indubitably in effect. If they were not, they will go into effect 90 days after adjournment. The governor’s claims were always a manifestly weak case and the court […]

LePage’s veto refusal case a big waste of time and money

If there’s anything a Maine summer teaches, it’s not to waste a day one could be doing something fabulous outdoors. Our winters are long, the mud season is vexing and we have to seize the time. Summer must have been special to Shakespeare, too. One of his sonnets asked a beloved, “Shall I compare thee […]

In veto legal brief for LePage, Sovereign Citizens talk treason

Members of a Maine Sovereign Citizens group are once again talking treason. Gov. LePage’s many meetings with a Sovereign Citizens group, the Constitutional Coalition, were brought to light by Mike Tipping in June 2014. Tipping, who obtained documents from the governor’s office, reported that: The remonstrances the group submitted to LePage and the legislature accused […]