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Why LePage and Legislature will definitely clash on land bonds in January

While Gov. LePage refuses to sell Land for Maine Future bonds supported by the Maine people, he’s freed a much smaller amount of funds currently on hand. But let’s not forget that the Legislature’s effort to force him to do his duty — to issue the bonds Maine people want issued — is not yet […]

As he tries to veto laws, LePage blatantly contradicts himself

There’s a new act in the strange saga of Gov. LePage’s odd views of how adjournments and vetoes work. Today, after 71 laws he didn’t veto became law, and the Legislature came together to finish its session before sine die adjournment, the governor’s staff sent the Legislature veto messages. Not only is this simply incorrect, […]

How Janet Mills destroyed the odd LePage veto claim

On Friday, July 10, Attorney General Janet Mills made it crystal clear that Gov. LePage missed his chance to veto 19 bills. Thus those 19 bills, and since the weekend, an additional 51, have become law. Mills responded to a statement by the governor’s counsel which said LePage had a much longer time because, according […]