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Phony facts, a fantasy Constitution and conspiracy mongering

As the late Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan purportedly said, “Everyone is entitled to his own opinion but not his own facts.” Moynihan experienced people from across the political spectrum who made claims that had no basis in reality. In other words, they believed things that just aren’t so. How do they deal with reality? Some […]

Before LePage summoned sheriff, Sovereign Citizens mentioned violent options

One of the oddest parts of the story of Gov. LePage holding eight meetings with members of the Constitutional Coalition involves the governor following the group’s request to have the sheriff of Kennebec County meet them. Later the group asked the sheriff to serve papers on Attorney General Janet Mills and Democratic leaders Mark Eves […]

LePage’s meetings with extremists make Buckley and Smith spin in their graves

Decades ago William F. Buckley and Margaret Chase Smith drew a bright line between legitimate conservatism and the extremist right. Speaking out against Sen. Joseph McCarthy, R-Wisconsin, in 1950 Smith proclaimed, “As a Republican, I say to my colleagues on this side of the aisle that the Republican Party faces a challenge today that is […]

What is LePage’s secret plan? Clues from other tea party governors

My fellow BDN blogger Mike Tipping has an incredible news story, complete with an audiotape.  Governor LePage told fellow Republicans that he plans to suddenly call a special session of the Maine Legislature which will remake Maine politically. He tells them he “can’t divulge” what it’s about but, “I’m just trying to do what other […]

Tea Party Talk – The Governors

The Tea Party isn’t just influential in Washington, DC. Tea Party political passions, first seen in demonstrations and town meetings, echo through the United States. In many states, 2009 and 2010 voters re-elected or elected new Republican governors with Tea Party backing. As one political scientist noted, the Tea Party “remains a very potent force […]

The “purification exercise” behind the Lugar loss

With the defeat of Hooiser Senator Dick Lugar in his primary race, the demise of Republican moderates becomes a subject really worth understanding. As luck has it, a relevant book was awaiting me when I returned last night from a scholarly meeting. It’s Rule and Ruin: The Downfall of Moderation and the Destruction of the Republican […]

Updated x4: Paul v Romney, day 2 of the Maine GOP Convention and beyond

UPDATE 4: Ron Paul has won every delegate that is not awarded based on elected office. It is also being reported that Paul supporters control the Republican state committee. UPDATE 3: Ron Paul has also won 3 delegates representing the First congressional district. With Ben Ginsberg, Romney’s top lawyer present, it’s being reported that the […]