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Romney-Ryan are trying to convince voters Democrats hurt Medicare. It probably won’t work.

Since House Republican Paul Ryan was picked as Mitt Romney’s running mate, the two men and their surrogates have been trying to defend themselves from the fact that the Ryan plan would massively change Medicare and lead to reduced coverage. In doing so, they’ve gone after Obama, saying that Obamacare hurts Medicare. Although that’s not […]

Is the presidential race breaking wide open?

The last few days have seen the release of three polls showing strong national leads for President Obama. Reuters: Obama 49-Romney 42 (+7 Obama) CNN: Obama 52-Romney 45 (+7 Obama) Fox News: 49-40 (+9 Obama) Looking below the surface of the overall numbers, independents are moving toward Obama and Romney’s image and standing have suffered. […]

U.S. Chamber’s Anti-Angus King Ad Illogical and Disjointed

While Maine’s Chamber of Commerce is neutral in the 2012 U.S. Senate race, the national Chamber has endorsed Republican Charlie Summers and is running an ad against front-runner Angus King. As the Washington Post notes, “This is one of 11 Senate races in which the Chamber has now launched TV ad campaigns through its political […]

Romney’s Bain and its place in the 2012 campaign

Coming at a time when the Romney and Obama campaigns have scuffled over details about Mitt Romney’s work with Bain capital, this campaign ad has stunned political observers. Why have people found it so striking? Because Romney’s Bain matters — for two reasons. One reason has to do with the details about Romney’s life. These […]

Walmart Moms and what Obama’s family signals

In several focus groups with undecided women who shop at Walmart at least once a month, conducted in Virginia and Nevada, Obama’s family served as a signal that he understood their lives. More women discussed the first daughters more than some of President Barack Obama’s most pronounced policy initiatives aimed at female voters (no mention […]

What happened in Wisconsin? Scott Walker and beyond

I am pleased to welcome guest poster, Professor Jim Melcher, political scientist at the University of Maine-Farmington. I grew up a big fan of elections in Wisconsin, and now I have the privilege of studying and teaching about politics for a living.  My students at the University of Maine at Farmington probably all know how […]

Romney’s Bain “Profiting from failure” bothers voters

A campaign memo from Obama’s SuperPAC makes the case that criticisms of Romney’s record with Bain Capital, are “resonating with the actual voters who will decide this election.” Based on focus groups and polling, a segment of voters is distressed by Romney’s involvement in Bain’s operations. Why? Because, as the memo states, “For voters across […]

Short hits: LGBT rights edition

1. Following President Obama’s statement that he supports gay and lesbian people being able to marry, Gallup finds that 51% approve and 45% disapprove of Obama’s announced position, numbers that closely track to overall views on marriage. For Democrats, the percentages are 71-25; independents respond 53-44; and Republicans 23-74. 2. Ronald Brownstein has a very […]