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Senate GOP recklessly flouts ethics practices for Trump nominees

Our Constitution gives the Senate the power to decide whether to confirm presidential appointees. Carrying out this responsibility requires that senators know about the nominee’s records and whether he or she has ethical conflicts. That information should be available before confirmation hearings so that senators can ask the nominee about issue positions and ethical concerns. […]

King’s position stable — for decades

Angus King vs a Republican and Democrat

With a new poll out today on the Maine Senate and other other races, independent Angus King’s position in this year’s contest is quite stable. In fact, King’s position vis a vis other candidates has been very similar for decades. Just look at this chart, which shows the results for King, a Republican, and a […]

Is Charlie Summers an Olympia Snowe Republican? (with update)

The answer to the question, “Is Charlie Summers an Olympia Snowe Republican?,” is pretty simple: NO If Summers was an Olympia Snowe Republican, at the very least he would have endorsed her when she faced a challenge from Tea Party candidate Scott D’Amboise. But he didn’t. According to John Richter, Senator Snowe’s chief of staff: […]

Maine Senate candidates Dill, King and Summers have opportunities

With the party nominations set for Maine Senate, the campaign provides major opportunities for each of the candidates. The greatest of these opportunities is becoming a U.S. Senator, being a member of what is sometimes called the world’s most exclusive club. In my view, King remains the favorite, even the prohibitive favorite. That’s because he […]

Can a U.S. Senator know what state residents want?

Whoever is elected to fill the Senate seat held by Olympia Snowe, he or she will make many hundreds of votes.  Recently independent Senate candidate Angus King said, “I don’t want anybody telling me how to vote except the people of Maine.” King’s comment has to do with his stated commitment to not be influenced by […]