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Short hits: Bad advice, real opportunity, and the contentious Maine GOP convention

1. Richard Cohen has more foolish advice. Cohen says Barack Obama should read Caro’s new volume on Lyndon Johnson to either “teach him how to be president” or to “teach him how to be a better president.” What should Obama take from Johnson’s life? It’s to play golf with more people. After all, says Cohen, “Johnson, in […]

Updated x4: Paul v Romney, day 2 of the Maine GOP Convention and beyond

UPDATE 4: Ron Paul has won every delegate that is not awarded based on elected office. It is also being reported that Paul supporters control the Republican state committee. UPDATE 3: Ron Paul has also won 3 delegates representing the First congressional district. With Ben Ginsberg, Romney’s top lawyer present, it’s being reported that the […]

Paul v Romney: Keep an eye on the Maine GOP convention

The Maine GOP caucus mess has its second act and the Ron Paul crowd may be winning. After three ballots for the position of convention secretary, the Paul- supported candidate, Ron Morrell, has won, 1119-1089. This was an issue going in because the Republican party chair, Charlie Webster, who is not trusted by the Paulites, […]