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Governor’s words matter, but his bad policies matter more

What a way to introduce yourself to the American public. A few months ago, when people were asked about likely Republican presidential candidate Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin, over half had no opinion or said they had never heard of him. If people learned of Walker recently, it was for his answers to reporters’ questions. […]

LePage tells newspapers to drop dead as another GOP governor pursues people’s health

What a contrast: As Gov. LePage said it’s a plague that newspapers are “still alive,” another Republican governor is pursuing a policy that will save lives and improve health. In deep red Wyoming, Republican Gov. Matt Mead has started negotiating with federal officials on expanding Medicaid. Like Maine, the state hospital association supports an expansion, […]

LePage said “get our guns” as extremists wrote him on revolution

May 28, 2013 was one of those days when something Gov. LePage said hit national news, going viral. It was also a day that, as few people knew, his office received a memo from an extremist group mentioning violent options should they not get satisfaction. The memo included talking points for their teleconference with the […]

How surprising is it that LePage called Social Security, Medicare “welfare”?

See updates at the end of the post. Social Security and Medicare are very popular programs that vastly reduced the rate of poverty among the elderly. So maybe you’d think that, in the nation’s oldest state, a major party candidate wouldn’t categorize those programs as “welfare.” At the same time, the current administration in Augusta […]

Dramatic or erratic? LePage and the politics of the secret plan (updated)

While we don’t know much at this point about the planned focus of Governor LePage’s secret plan for a special session of the Maine Legislature, which now appears to have been been cancelled, although that is not for sure. But one thing is certain. This entire scenario, a special session called late and intended to […]

What is LePage’s secret plan? Clues from other tea party governors

My fellow BDN blogger Mike Tipping has an incredible news story, complete with an audiotape.  Governor LePage told fellow Republicans that he plans to suddenly call a special session of the Maine Legislature which will remake Maine politically. He tells them he “can’t divulge” what it’s about but, “I’m just trying to do what other […]

Tea Party Talk – The Governors

The Tea Party isn’t just influential in Washington, DC. Tea Party political passions, first seen in demonstrations and town meetings, echo through the United States. In many states, 2009 and 2010 voters re-elected or elected new Republican governors with Tea Party backing. As one political scientist noted, the Tea Party “remains a very potent force […]

LePage’s education plan won’t pass, but his rhetoric hurts Maine

Disclosure: I hold a faculty position at the University of Maine. My children were or are enrolled in the Bangor school system, which includes the largest high school in the state and a high school ranked as among the best in the nation. In talking about K-12 education in Maine, Governor LePage said: I don’t […]