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Dramatic or erratic? LePage and the politics of the secret plan (updated)

While we don’t know much at this point about the planned focus of Governor LePage’s secret plan for a special session of the Maine Legislature, which now appears to have been been cancelled, although that is not for sure. But one thing is certain. This entire scenario, a special session called late and intended to […]

What is LePage’s secret plan? Clues from other tea party governors

My fellow BDN blogger Mike Tipping has an incredible news story, complete with an audiotape.  Governor LePage told fellow Republicans that he plans to suddenly call a special session of the Maine Legislature which will remake Maine politically. He tells them he “can’t divulge” what it’s about but, “I’m just trying to do what other […]

Tea Party Talk – The Governors

Cover art by George Danby

The Tea Party isn’t just influential in Washington, DC. Tea Party political passions, first seen in demonstrations and town meetings, echo through the United States. In many states, 2009 and 2010 voters re-elected or elected new Republican governors with Tea Party backing. As one political scientist noted, the Tea Party “remains a very potent force […]

LePage’s education plan won’t pass, but his rhetoric hurts Maine

Disclosure: I hold a faculty position at the University of Maine. My children were or are enrolled in the Bangor school system, which includes the largest high school in the state and a high school ranked as among the best in the nation. In talking about K-12 education in Maine, Governor LePage said: I don’t […]

LePage lowers rhetorical heat close to Palinesque level

After comparing the IRS and the Affordable Care Act to the Gestapo and the Holocaust several times, Governor Paul LePage has apologized. To be sure, this apology is welcome. However, his written release still includes outlandish statements about the impact and scope of the Affordable Care Act. Take a look at this part of the […]

LePage goes way down the Gestapo-IRS path

Governor LePage’s new comments about the IRS are really quite amazing. After sort-of, but not really apologizing, he’s said that the IRS “is not quite as bad [as the Gestapo] — yet. He also tells the reporter that it’s possible the IRS will intern Americans and that they will be killing people through rationing health […]

The paranoid caucus, reality and Obamacare

A few days after the Supreme Court, with some tweaks, upheld the Affordable Care Act, conservative political analyst/journalist Byron York reported “conservative anger is growing.” In one example York gave: I ran into a prominent conservative member of Congress Friday night just before the huge storms moved through Washington.  He was, he said, far angrier […]

LePage still hyperbolic on and mischaracterizing Obamacare

Now that Governor LePage has issued a non-apology apology for referring to the IRS as “the Gestapo,” it’s time to pause and say two things. One, although the statement is not really an apology, it’s good that the governor walked back this outrageous statement — even as it’s quite amazing that, before he did so, […]

LePage’s “Gestapo” and Obamacare

Governor LePage’s radio address yesterday was far, far over the top. In his prepared remarks, from a communications office with one new staff member and an internal promotion — the governor made numerous errors in characterizing Obamacare and the mandate. His tone, like others, was hyperbolic. But LePage went further, comparing the bureau that administers […]