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No, Gov. LePage is not popular

Perhaps it’s because Gov. LePage was just sworn in for his second term (and, by the way, congratulations), but there’s been an odd tendency for some newspaper articles to refer to the governor as popular. It’s odd because “popular,” while somewhat vague, implies that at least a majority support and/or like someone or something. It’s […]

Obama’s job approval vs. George W. Bush — better but not great

Obama’s U.S. job approval are not strong right now. For a good part of his second term, his job approval numbers have been in the mid-forties. However, those numbers are clearly ahead of where George W. Bush was at this same point in Bush’s presidency. As this chart of data from the Pew Research Center […]

In polarized times, who do we politically despise?

In the song “National Brotherhood Week” Tom Lehrer rhapsodized, “It’s fun to eulogize those we despise.” “All of my folks hate all of your folks. It’s American as apple pie.” A new, extensive Pew study on political polarization shows that reality is getting closer to that poetic license. Polarization is increasing all around. But one finding […]

Quick action on Fluke post was the right move, but GOP still faces challenges with women

Last week BDN blogger Mike Tipping broke the news that the Maine Republican Party’s Facebook page had an obnoxious post on Sandra Fluke, which was followed by a series of nasty comments about her. Fluke became a public figure after she was attacked by Rush Limbaugh for her testimony in favor of including birth control […]

Romney-Ryan are trying to convince voters Democrats hurt Medicare. It probably won’t work.

Since House Republican Paul Ryan was picked as Mitt Romney’s running mate, the two men and their surrogates have been trying to defend themselves from the fact that the Ryan plan would massively change Medicare and lead to reduced coverage. In doing so, they’ve gone after Obama, saying that Obamacare hurts Medicare. Although that’s not […]

Is the presidential race breaking wide open?

The last few days have seen the release of three polls showing strong national leads for President Obama. Reuters: Obama 49-Romney 42 (+7 Obama) CNN: Obama 52-Romney 45 (+7 Obama) Fox News: 49-40 (+9 Obama) Looking below the surface of the overall numbers, independents are moving toward Obama and Romney’s image and standing have suffered. […]

Republicans for marriage equality? Maine and beyond

With Mainers to vote on whether to allow same-sex couples to obtain marriage licenses in November 2012, a group of Maine Republicans has stepped forward to announce their support.  Some changed their minds and were greeted with a certain consternation or at least apprehension from their fellow partisans. How does this relate to national dynamics? The […]

Romney’s Bain and its place in the 2012 campaign

Coming at a time when the Romney and Obama campaigns have scuffled over details about Mitt Romney’s work with Bain capital, this campaign ad has stunned political observers. Why have people found it so striking? Because Romney’s Bain matters — for two reasons. One reason has to do with the details about Romney’s life. These […]

King’s position stable — for decades

Angus King vs a Republican and Democrat

With a new poll out today on the Maine Senate and other other races, independent Angus King’s position in this year’s contest is quite stable. In fact, King’s position vis a vis other candidates has been very similar for decades. Just look at this chart, which shows the results for King, a Republican, and a […]

Short hits: Gallup’s skew, Maine blueberries, and online cheating

1. George Gallup made his mark in polling when he and the other “scientific pollsters,” called the presidential race right in 1936, while the Literary Digest did not. Now the Gallup organization’s recent polling has a skew, as it tended to show less support for President Obama than other polls. Mark Blumental offers a long […]