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Six takeaways from Cutler’s leaked internal poll

Eliot Cutler

Eliot Cutler’s campaign has leaked a poll showing that Michaud and LePage are tied at 35%, with Cutler at 19%. Click here to see the full poll for yourself. A news story about the poll, with comments from the campaigns, can be read here. Now, internal polls should always be taken with a massive grain of […]

What’s behind LePage’s back and forth (and back) on nursing homes?

Critical Insights Poll, May 2014

OK, it’s an election year but, still, things are just looking quite strange when it comes to nursing home funding. First we saw this back and forth: A day before the Legislature was scheduled to complete its work for the year, Republican Gov. Paul LePage proposed a bill that would have immediately disbursed millions of […]

No need to trust feds to see big drop in people without health insurance

From: Gallup,"U.S. Uninsured Rate Drops to 13.4%," May 5, 2014

As the federal government rolls out figures on the number of Americans with health insurance, some have denied the figures, claiming that the books are cooked. If one really doesn’t trust the numbers from the feds, then it would be best to consult an external, private source of data. Well, here’s the Gallup organization, to […]