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LePage’s meetings with extremists make Buckley and Smith spin in their graves

Decades ago William F. Buckley and Margaret Chase Smith drew a bright line between legitimate conservatism and the extremist right. Speaking out against Sen. Joseph McCarthy, R-Wisconsin, in 1950 Smith proclaimed, “As a Republican, I say to my colleagues on this side of the aisle that the Republican Party faces a challenge today that is […]

How surprising is it that LePage called Social Security, Medicare “welfare”?

BDN photo by Gabor Degre.

See updates at the end of the post. Social Security and Medicare are very popular programs that vastly reduced the rate of poverty among the elderly. So maybe you’d think that, in the nation’s oldest state, a major party candidate wouldn’t categorize those programs as “welfare.” At the same time, the current administration in Augusta […]

What the Maine governor race looks like in June 2014

Polls in Maine governor race, February 2013-June 2014

Every so often a new poll comes out on the 2014 Maine governor race. The most recent, published in the Press-Herald and conducted by the University of New Hampshire Survey Research Center had a close race between Mike Michaud (40%) and Paul LePage (36%), within the margin of error, with Eliot Cutler lagging (15%). But, […]

Where are Maine’s jobs? Counties, employment and moving trucks

April 2014 unemployment rates

As the rest of the country has finally gotten back to the same number of jobs it had before the recession, Maine’s less than halfway there. But some parts of Maine are doing much, much better than others. Check out this map from the Maine state government’s Center for Workforce Research and Information, showing county-level unemployment data from April […]

Guess which New England state already met its 2014 Obamacare goal?

A nutmeg. Why? Because  Connecticut is the Nutmeg state. Copyright © 2007 David Monniaux. Creative Commons.

Before the insurance exchanges opened in October 2013, the CBO projected that seven million nationally would sign up for private insurance by the end of the 2014 open enrollment period at the end of March. They also set targets for each state. Only one state has exceeded its target already — Connecticut As Access Health […]

Dramatic or erratic? LePage and the politics of the secret plan (updated)

While we don’t know much at this point about the planned focus of Governor LePage’s secret plan for a special session of the Maine Legislature, which now appears to have been been cancelled, although that is not for sure. But one thing is certain. This entire scenario, a special session called late and intended to […]

What is LePage’s secret plan? Clues from other tea party governors

My fellow BDN blogger Mike Tipping has an incredible news story, complete with an audiotape.  Governor LePage told fellow Republicans that he plans to suddenly call a special session of the Maine Legislature which will remake Maine politically. He tells them he “can’t divulge” what it’s about but, “I’m just trying to do what other […]

Conservative Maine group accidentally shows success of pre-LePage health care policy

The Maine Heritage Policy Center, a conservative advocacy group, put out a paper today arguing that Maine shouldn’t expand Medicaid under Obamacare. One of its core arguments is: Maine’s uninsured rate is nearly the same as it was in 1999, while government-run health care enrollment has more than doubled in the same time period, from […]

Tea Party Talk – The Governors

Cover art by George Danby

The Tea Party isn’t just influential in Washington, DC. Tea Party political passions, first seen in demonstrations and town meetings, echo through the United States. In many states, 2009 and 2010 voters re-elected or elected new Republican governors with Tea Party backing. As one political scientist noted, the Tea Party “remains a very potent force […]

Why did LePage say Mainers take a special college entrance test?

Along with saying that people outside of Maine look down on Maine students, Governor LePage offered, what he said, was evidence. “If you go to William & Mary, apply to William & Mary, before they’ll look at your application, if you’re from a Maine school, you have to take a placement exam to see if […]