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In LePage’s Maine, little trust in state government

Somewhere out there are 30 Mainers who told someone from the Gallup poll that they trust Maine state government “a great deal.” That works out to about 5 percent of the 601 people the organization polled. You have to wonder what those very trusting 30 people would say to the rest of us. Admittedly, though, […]

Looks like New Hampshire is about to expand Medicaid


For a time, the Granite State and the Pine Tree State were joined on health policy. Neither had a state-run health insurance marketplace and neither had expanded Medicaid. In Maine, the Democratic-controlled Legislature has supported expanding Medicaid and votes to do so have included Republicans and Democrats. But there haven’t been enough to overcome a […]

Quick action on Fluke post was the right move, but GOP still faces challenges with women

From "How Women Changed the Outcome of the Election," Center for American Progress, December 12, 2012

Last week BDN blogger Mike Tipping broke the news that the Maine Republican Party’s Facebook page had an obnoxious post on Sandra Fluke, which was followed by a series of nasty comments about her. Fluke became a public figure after she was attacked by Rush Limbaugh for her testimony in favor of including birth control […]

Guess which New England state already met its 2014 Obamacare goal?

A nutmeg. Why? Because  Connecticut is the Nutmeg state. Copyright © 2007 David Monniaux. Creative Commons.

Before the insurance exchanges opened in October 2013, the CBO projected that seven million nationally would sign up for private insurance by the end of the 2014 open enrollment period at the end of March. They also set targets for each state. Only one state has exceeded its target already — Connecticut As Access Health […]