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Two top Maine conservatives say Obamacare is working. Have you signed up yet?

Rep. Bruce Poliquin

In the last week, the more conservative of the two Republicans in the 2014 primary for Maine’s second congressional district and the head of Maine’s conservative Maine Heritage Policy Center acknowledged that Obamacare is doing good for people. While both prefer other options and are quite critical of Obamacare, this is what they said about […]

In LePage’s Maine, little trust in state government

Somewhere out there are 30 Mainers who told someone from the Gallup poll that they trust Maine state government “a great deal.” That works out to about 5 percent of the 601 people the organization polled. You have to wonder what those very trusting 30 people would say to the rest of us. Admittedly, though, […]

Conservative advocacy group’s “news service” questions non-profits’ First Amendment rights


After the November 2011 election, a prominent Maine conservative advocacy group announced that it was starting a state-wide, secretly financed “news service” that would take a clearly ideological position. At the time, I considered the impact of ideologically delineated sources of information on Maine’s political culture and asked if “Maine is the test case for […]