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Seventeen months after Mainers said yes, Maine GOP still says no to marriage equality

Maine people voted for marriage equality over seventeen months ago and there’s no evidence that gay people getting married has caused any straight people’s marriages to fall apart. My own marriage hasn’t suffered from my rabbi and her long-time partner getting married and I bet the other 299 or so people besides me who attended […]

Attitudes toward gay rights keep getting more positive, but Republicans change slowly

Since gay rights emerged in the United States, Republicans as a set of individuals and the Republican party as an institution have been much less supportive of gay rights than Democrats and the Democratic party. That statement can’t be remotely controversial. It’s obvious to anyone who has a passing interest in American politics. And it’s […]

Republicans for marriage equality? Maine and beyond

With Mainers to vote on whether to allow same-sex couples to obtain marriage licenses in November 2012, a group of Maine Republicans has stepped forward to announce their support.  Some changed their minds and were greeted with a certain consternation or at least apprehension from their fellow partisans. How does this relate to national dynamics? The […]

Short hits: LGBT rights edition

1. Following President Obama’s statement that he supports gay and lesbian people being able to marry, Gallup finds that 51% approve and 45% disapprove of Obama’s announced position, numbers that closely track to overall views on marriage. For Democrats, the percentages are 71-25; independents respond 53-44; and Republicans 23-74. 2. Ronald Brownstein has a very […]