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LePage should note what Bill Clinton did with his impeachment time State of the Union Address

Gov. Paul LePage told a radio station that he might not give a State of the State Address in person — and that’s because the Legislature might be in the middle of impeaching him. LePage said: I don’t know. It’s going to be some time but it’s probably going to go back to the 1800s […]

A Holocaust heroine who saved 2,500 kids: ‘I did so little’

For the steps she took in the face of Nazi hate and power, she’s been called the “female Schindler.” Most likely you’ve never heard of her, but this weekend you’ll have a remarkable opportunity to learn more. As a young woman, Irena Sendler took real risks to help and save Jews after the Nazis invaded […]

Short hits: Medicare facts, the Republican convention, and voting access

1. The Washington Post has done a great service in presenting a clear, uncomplicated chart that compares what people will receive under Medicare, depending on your age and who is elected president. The chart is worth sharing widely — by email or Facebook and just by showing it to people you know.  Also see this […]

Political hyperbole from Jefferson to Limbaugh

July 4, 1826 – 50 years after America’s first Independence Day – Thomas Jefferson and John Adams died hours apart.  Adams and Jefferson had joined together to achieve independence, and Adams’ final (but incorrect) words were, “Thomas Jefferson lives.” As a polarized nation with many controversies, including health care reform, it feels good to recognize […]

Short hits: Gallup’s skew, Maine blueberries, and online cheating

1. George Gallup made his mark in polling when he and the other “scientific pollsters,” called the presidential race right in 1936, while the Literary Digest did not. Now the Gallup organization’s recent polling has a skew, as it tended to show less support for President Obama than other polls. Mark Blumental offers a long […]

Dissing women won’t win their votes

In my column, “What do women want?,” posted below, I concluded: [I]f Republicans want to erase the decades-long gender gap, they could start by respecting women as active thinkers and then pay attention to how women’s lives are connected to their political wants. Will that happen? There’s some evidence they won’t. 1. Herman Cain says […]