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After Maine opened on-line charter schools, big national study found major problems

On-line education has been growing in Maine. Two on-line charter schools (i.e., “virtual academies”) have opened and the University of Maine System has been promoting on-line education, too. However, new reports from CREDO, a well-respected research institute at Stanford University, and two other excellent educational research centers, raise serious questions about the quality of on-line charters. Because […]

LePage claims school funding is unconstitutional

Gov. LePage has, you might say, some unusual views about the Maine Constitution. In July 2015 the governor neglected to veto a whole slew of bills he wanted to veto. After the Maine Supreme Judicial Court received arguments (including a brief by three Maine citizens who claimed the Legislature and Attorney General Mills were traitors), […]

How the LePage food stamp asset test actually hurts students, opportunity

In answering critics of the food stamp asset test, the LePage administration shows it’s either misinformed or misleading people about the policy’s impact on college students. Yesterday DHHS spokesperson Sam Adolphsen hit back at a BDN editorial which pointed out that the new rule would undermine people’s ability to climb out of poverty. As part […]

Crushing college costs make the personal political

All around the country, students are packing up and going off to college. Proud parents are remembering moments like when their kids came home from the hospital, ventured off to kindergarten and attended their first school dance. And while the food bill will go down a lot without that teenager and his or her crew […]

Vermont’s motto madness shows science education is not enough

Something happened the other day in Vermont that reminded me of the saying, “If you think education is expensive, try ignorance.” After an eighth-grade student wrote to a state legislator to propose Vermont adopt a Latin motto and the proposal went forward, some less-than-knowledgeable residents got really angry. There was, as Senate Minority Leader Joe […]

Goodbye summer. Hello college and paying for it.

Late August is always a busy, bittersweet time. Summer is ending and school is starting. Two months from now, costumed children will come knocking, shouting “Trick or treat.” Two months ago, high schools sent another crop of young people off to jobs, the military, technical school and college. For the first time in 25 years, my […]

Why did LePage say Mainers take a special college entrance test?

Along with saying that people outside of Maine look down on Maine students, Governor LePage offered, what he said, was evidence. “If you go to William & Mary, apply to William & Mary, before they’ll look at your application, if you’re from a Maine school, you have to take a placement exam to see if […]

LePage’s education plan won’t pass, but his rhetoric hurts Maine

Disclosure: I hold a faculty position at the University of Maine. My children were or are enrolled in the Bangor school system, which includes the largest high school in the state and a high school ranked as among the best in the nation. In talking about K-12 education in Maine, Governor LePage said: I don’t […]

Short hits: voting laws, education research, crime, and Obamacare

1. Voting laws: Particularly since Republicans won many state-level elections in 2010, a number of states passed laws making it harder to vote. In Pennsylvania, the very strict rules will affect 9.2% of voters — over 800,000 people, mostly in urban areas and mostly affecting supporters of Democratic candidates. These citizens are also disproportionately non-white, […]

Flawed research: Rockport’s boys-only math classroom

Last November, the Bangor Daily News published an article about Rockport trying out a boys-only classroom for math. Because this article did not point out the very basic research flaws in Rockport’s effort, I wrote a critique. Once again, the Bangor Daily News has an article about this which doesn’t address the flawed research design.  I […]