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Trump hiring of white supremacist and threat to free speech should lead Collins and King to respond

Last weekend brought two incredible moments for American democracy, and not in a good way. 1. Trump picked Stephen Bannon, a white nationalist who ran Breitbart News as a top White House advisor. According to Ben Shapiro, who used to work for Breitbart, “Under Bannon’s leadership, Breitbart openly embraced the white supremacist alt-right.” Shapiro also […]

The historically ironic reason why President Trump cannot escape a flood of lawsuits

Back in 1997, the Supreme Court decided a president couldn’t claim he was too busy to deal with a civil lawsuit lodged against him for actions a litigant claimed he did before becoming president. In Clinton v Jones, President Bill Clinton tried to put off a sexual harassment case filed by Paula Jones that dated back […]

As white working women voters go, so goes Maine’s Second Congressional district?

If Trump loses Maine’s Second Congressional District, the key bloc will be white women without college degrees. Maine and national politics watchers have wondered if Donald Trump can win this district and force a split in Maine’s electoral votes. Trump has come to the district and plans on another visit. Bernie Sanders recently visited Bangor […]

Johnson and Stein cannot win, but they can help Trump win

Republican strategist Karl Rove wanted Maine’s electoral votes in 2000 but didn’t get them. A story broke five days before Election Day about George W. Bush’s charge for driving under the influence in Kennebunkport when he was 30. As Rove recounted, campaign polling had Bush ahead in Maine before the news. Winning Maine and several […]