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It wasn’t just Hillary Clinton who won the Democratic debate

At a time when the parties are polarized, the first Democratic debate gave them and and pundits something on which to agree. Hillary Clinton was the clear winner of the debate. Clinton was poised, showed policy chops and humor, while being warm and passionate. Bernie Sanders also did a good job, while the other candidates […]

Quick action on Fluke post was the right move, but GOP still faces challenges with women

Last week BDN blogger Mike Tipping broke the news that the Maine Republican Party’s Facebook page had an obnoxious post on Sandra Fluke, which was followed by a series of nasty comments about her. Fluke became a public figure after she was attacked by Rush Limbaugh for her testimony in favor of including birth control […]

Romney-Ryan are trying to convince voters Democrats hurt Medicare. It probably won’t work.

Since House Republican Paul Ryan was picked as Mitt Romney’s running mate, the two men and their surrogates have been trying to defend themselves from the fact that the Ryan plan would massively change Medicare and lead to reduced coverage. In doing so, they’ve gone after Obama, saying that Obamacare hurts Medicare. Although that’s not […]

Dissing women won’t win their votes

In my column, “What do women want?,” posted below, I concluded: [I]f Republicans want to erase the decades-long gender gap, they could start by respecting women as active thinkers and then pay attention to how women’s lives are connected to their political wants. Will that happen? There’s some evidence they won’t. 1. Herman Cain says […]