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Clean Elections’ second big win plus Election Day vote win equals pro-reform Maine

Mainers delivered a strong win on Clean Elections that’s been getting national coverage. The vote shows the state remains a force for citizen control when it comes to campaigns and the vote. Clean Elections, then and now Question 1 opponents sometimes said that Maine people didn’t support the law anymore, that the public had shifted. […]

It’s time to debunk five mistaken arguments against Question 1

This year Maine’s biggest statewide vote involves Question 1, a referendum that would increase accountability and transparency for campaign donations, as it would also restore public financing and fund it by closing corporate tax breaks. Without a robust system of Clean Elections, candidates would be more dependent on big-pocket donors A recent study of judicial […]

Bipartisanship breaks out over Clean Elections

As the leaves turn and our first snowflakes appear, Maine can pick a rare option at the voting booth. We can embrace a bipartisan effort that furthers the fundamental democratic ideal of having voters’ voices heard, with people in office who will listen to Mainers rather than powerful interests. Voting for Question 1 is a […]

Poliquin’s eye-popping haul and policy priorities

U.S. Rep. Bruce Poliquin has started filling his campaign coffers while voting to loosen controls on Wall Street, redistribute taxpayers’ money to the very wealthiest Americans, and undermine Medicare and other popular programs. When Poliquin announced raising $700,000 in the first three months of his first term, the Maine Republican Party was certainly correct in […]

Campaign money and two terrible tendencies

In the campaign over Maine’s open U.S. Senate race, money has become an issue. Independent candidate Angus King offered to discourage SuperPAC activity if other candidates did the same. Democratic candidate Cynthia Dill, who decries the decision in the Citizens United case, said she might agree but details would need to negotiated. Then Republican Charlie […]

What happened in Wisconsin? Scott Walker and beyond

I am pleased to welcome guest poster, Professor Jim Melcher, political scientist at the University of Maine-Farmington. I grew up a big fan of elections in Wisconsin, and now I have the privilege of studying and teaching about politics for a living.  My students at the University of Maine at Farmington probably all know how […]

Short hits: Corrections and clarifications

1. A column of mine stated, “as the Maine Center for Economic Policy reports, the ”rate of job growth — in the public sector, private sector, or total, has trailed all but a handful of states. … From January 2011 to April 2012, Maine ranks 44th in private sector job growth and 45th in total job growth.” In […]

Short hits: Big money, polling quirks, and Americans Elect

1. From the Center for Public Integrity comes a story about the funding behind what will likely be the biggest spending Super PAC of 2012 — Karl Rove’s American Crossroads. Three Texas tycoons are responsible for more than half the funds that conservative super PAC American Crossroads has raised since it was founded by top […]