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Obama, patriotism and inspiration for grownups

Watching politics, today’s gamesmanship and polarization can suppress patriotism and generate cynicism. And, as we go about our lives, we often get pulled into our routines. But recently real inspiration came to me politically and personally through the words of our president and the death from cancer of a woman I never met. Last weekend […]

Obama’s job approval vs. George W. Bush — better but not great

Obama’s U.S. job approval are not strong right now. For a good part of his second term, his job approval numbers have been in the mid-forties. However, those numbers are clearly ahead of where George W. Bush was at this same point in Bush’s presidency. As this chart of data from the Pew Research Center […]

Walmart Moms and what Obama’s family signals

In several focus groups with undecided women who shop at Walmart at least once a month, conducted in Virginia and Nevada, Obama’s family served as a signal that he understood their lives. More women discussed the first daughters more than some of President Barack Obama’s most pronounced policy initiatives aimed at female voters (no mention […]

Imagine if Romney-Trump played out like Obama-Wright – and vice versa

On March 13, 2008, ABC News broke the story. Jeremiah Wright, Obama’s pastor, had said some rather nasty things in sermons in his church. The clips that played over and over again did not involve sermons delivered at services attended by then-Senator Obama. In a piece in the Huffington Post dated March 14, Obama wrote: […]

Short hits: LGBT rights edition

1. Following President Obama’s statement that he supports gay and lesbian people being able to marry, Gallup finds that 51% approve and 45% disapprove of Obama’s announced position, numbers that closely track to overall views on marriage. For Democrats, the percentages are 71-25; independents respond 53-44; and Republicans 23-74. 2. Ronald Brownstein has a very […]

You know who else flip-flopped on gay marriage?

Mitt Romney is criticizing President Obama for changing his views about gay and lesbian people being able to marry. Romney, known for his multiple positions on many issues, says Obama is a flip-flopper. You know who else flip-flopped on gay marriage? Many millions of people — maybe even you.  I can think of a certain […]

Short hits: Bad advice, real opportunity, and the contentious Maine GOP convention

1. Richard Cohen has more foolish advice. Cohen says Barack Obama should read Caro’s new volume on Lyndon Johnson to either “teach him how to be president” or to “teach him how to be a better president.” What should Obama take from Johnson’s life? It’s to play golf with more people. After all, says Cohen, “Johnson, in […]