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How the public, bad process and a disengaged president killed Trumpcare

Trumpcare seems to be dead, but what killed it? Three dynamics mattered, including President Trump himself. First, the public strongly opposed all versions of Trumpcare and vocally said so. Every poll showed that the House and Senate versions of Trumpcare were deeply unpopular. As time went on, Obamacare got more popular and tended to poll […]

Problems with Trumpcare start with its meanness

Given that he celebrated with House Republicans in the White House Rose Garden after they passed Trumpcare, it was rather odd when President Donald Trump recently told a Fox News interviewer that the bill was “mean.” Trump was contradictory, but correct. There is meanness in what Trumpcare would do to people’s health but it will […]

U.S. Chamber’s Anti-Angus King Ad Illogical and Disjointed

While Maine’s Chamber of Commerce is neutral in the 2012 U.S. Senate race, the national Chamber has endorsed Republican Charlie Summers and is running an ad against front-runner Angus King. As the Washington Post notes, “This is one of 11 Senate races in which the Chamber has now launched TV ad campaigns through its political […]

Campaign money and two terrible tendencies

In the campaign over Maine’s open U.S. Senate race, money has become an issue. Independent candidate Angus King offered to discourage SuperPAC activity if other candidates did the same. Democratic candidate Cynthia Dill, who decries the decision in the Citizens United case, said she might agree but details would need to negotiated. Then Republican Charlie […]

King’s position stable — for decades

Angus King vs a Republican and Democrat

With a new poll out today on the Maine Senate and other other races, independent Angus King’s position in this year’s contest is quite stable. In fact, King’s position vis a vis other candidates has been very similar for decades. Just look at this chart, which shows the results for King, a Republican, and a […]

Maine Senate candidates Dill, King and Summers have opportunities

With the party nominations set for Maine Senate, the campaign provides major opportunities for each of the candidates. The greatest of these opportunities is becoming a U.S. Senator, being a member of what is sometimes called the world’s most exclusive club. In my view, King remains the favorite, even the prohibitive favorite. That’s because he […]

Short hits: Corrections and clarifications

1. A column of mine stated, “as the Maine Center for Economic Policy reports, the ”rate of job growth — in the public sector, private sector, or total, has trailed all but a handful of states. … From January 2011 to April 2012, Maine ranks 44th in private sector job growth and 45th in total job growth.” In […]

Dream and Debacle: Americans Elect, Cutler and King

After putting $35 million into their dream of forming a web-based centrist/independent political party, Americans Elect is in trouble. The group hired signature gatherers and got their group listed on the ballot in 27 states, but couldn’t gather much interest from voters — or candidates. According to the Washington Post: The group said Tuesday that […]

There’s no evidence whatsoever that Angus King has a “woman problem.” Why does AP say he does?

See important update below The Associated Press is out with an article about candidate Angus King in which it claims he has a “woman problem.” Here’s how the article starts: Independent Senate candidate Angus King of Maine has a woman problem. He’s not one.The popular former governor is the undisputed front-runner in the campaign to […]