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No wonder Maine’s hospitals wanted Medicaid expansion!

What a difference Medicaid expansion makes! More and more evidence is piling up that hospitals are seeing far fewer patients without health insurance. Medicaid expansion is yielding a big drop in uncompensated care and big increases in revenues As Kaiser Health News reports: At Seattle’s largest safety-net hospital, the proportion of uninsured patients fell from […]

Alexander Report got it wrong on charity care and health expansion

During the recent debate over Medicaid expansion in Maine, Maine hospitals supported expanding the program and argued that doing so would limit the amount of charity care they would provide. In contrast, its foes claimed that expanding wouldn’t reduce the number of uninsured people going to hospitals. The first Alexander Report (p.48) argued that expanding public […]

Five reasons why the Alexander Group defense looks exceedingly weak

After health policy analyst Kathy Gifford identified a problem with a figure in the Alexander Group’s report on Medicaid expansion, several members of the group came to its defense. The issue revolved around a $575 million discrepancy and a different percentage cited in the report than used in calculations. The rate the Alexander Group used for […]