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What do people actually think of Planned Parenthood?

After activists who oppose women being able to choose abortion began to release edited tapes aimed at undermining Planned Parenthood, you might wonder what people think of the group now. Planned Parenthood is seen more positively than negatively Surveys by YouGov, taken over time, show rather stable views toward the group, with small declines in […]

What Planned Parenthood knows about LePage’s positions

At Planned Parenthood’s endorsement event for Mike Michaud, Nicole Clegg noted that there was no way that Gov. Paul LePage could have received the group’s support. While the governor has not spent a lot of time on abortion as an issue, Clegg called LePage an “outspoken opponent of reproductive rights.” Clegg is right. In 2014, LePage […]

How do the 2009 marriage and town taxes campaigns echo in 2014 Maine politics?

Benjamin Franklin may have said that two constants in life are death and taxes but, for Maine in November 2009, the big issues for voters involved a social issue — marriage equality — and town taxes. And these still echo today, but in different ways. On town taxes In 2009, Mainers cast their ballots on […]