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Short hits: Medicare facts, the Republican convention, and voting access

1. The Washington Post has done a great service in presenting a clear, uncomplicated chart that compares what people will receive under Medicare, depending on your age and who is elected president. The chart is worth sharing widely — by email or Facebook and just by showing it to people you know.  Also see this […]

How does Obamacare affect Medicare recipients?

The Romney-Ryan campaign is out with an ad saying that Obama cut Medicare by over $700 billion and this hurts Medicare recipients. How did Obamacare affect Medicare recipients? Obamacare increased benefits for Medicare recipients. 1. The so-called donut hole for prescription drugs has been reduced and will be completely closed in 2020.  As Jonathan Cohn […]

Romney-Ryan are trying to convince voters Democrats hurt Medicare. It probably won’t work.

Since House Republican Paul Ryan was picked as Mitt Romney’s running mate, the two men and their surrogates have been trying to defend themselves from the fact that the Ryan plan would massively change Medicare and lead to reduced coverage. In doing so, they’ve gone after Obama, saying that Obamacare hurts Medicare. Although that’s not […]

Is the presidential race breaking wide open?

The last few days have seen the release of three polls showing strong national leads for President Obama. Reuters: Obama 49-Romney 42 (+7 Obama) CNN: Obama 52-Romney 45 (+7 Obama) Fox News: 49-40 (+9 Obama) Looking below the surface of the overall numbers, independents are moving toward Obama and Romney’s image and standing have suffered. […]

U.S. Chamber’s Anti-Angus King Ad Illogical and Disjointed

While Maine’s Chamber of Commerce is neutral in the 2012 U.S. Senate race, the national Chamber has endorsed Republican Charlie Summers and is running an ad against front-runner Angus King. As the Washington Post notes, “This is one of 11 Senate races in which the Chamber has now launched TV ad campaigns through its political […]

Republicans for marriage equality? Maine and beyond

With Mainers to vote on whether to allow same-sex couples to obtain marriage licenses in November 2012, a group of Maine Republicans has stepped forward to announce their support.  Some changed their minds and were greeted with a certain consternation or at least apprehension from their fellow partisans. How does this relate to national dynamics? The […]

Romney’s Bain and its place in the 2012 campaign

Coming at a time when the Romney and Obama campaigns have scuffled over details about Mitt Romney’s work with Bain capital, this campaign ad has stunned political observers. Why have people found it so striking? Because Romney’s Bain matters — for two reasons. One reason has to do with the details about Romney’s life. These […]