The health bills Poliquin backed didn’t just cut coverage. They also slashed taxes for the rich.

There’s been a lot of publicity about the health bills Poliquin voted for in 2017. Key aspects of the bills include the cuts in coverage for middle-class and low-income working people and the much higher rates for older people and people with pre-existing conditions, making it impossible for some to get care and coverage. In one […]

Truth, lies and health care

It’s not a mystery what was in the two bills to repeal the Affordable Care Act that Rep. Bruce Poliquin supported. To know what the repeal bills included doesn’t require peering into the mists of time. No one has to try to decipher faded letters on stone tablets. This isn’t a matter of he said-he […]

Republicans don’t want to know too much about Kavanaugh

In another intense, chaotic week, former Maine Sen. George Mitchell provided clarity and wisdom. Speaking in Bangor, Mitchell recounted that a participant in the Northern Ireland peace process told him that what mattered greatly was two years of Mitchell’s persistent listening. On the day Mitchell explained the importance of listening, Americans were in the midst […]

Promises made, promises broken

The public is restive. Office holders are under pressure, as people are riled up for the most common of reasons — broken promises on issues that hit home. Americans who were economically frustrated are still struggling because while most economic indicators are positive, this hasn’t translated into prosperity for most. The swamp rises, with lobbyists […]

The Margaret Chase Smith legacy Sen. Collins would rather avoid

Republican Sen. Margaret Chase Smith is a Maine political icon but it’s often overlooked that she lost her seat to a Democrat. While many herald Smith for standing up against McCarthyism, voters’ decision to end her career bears lessons also applicable today about the danger of elected officials losing touch with the people back home. […]

Poliquin hides from his health care record

As an incumbent Rep. Poliquin could be touting his position on legislation involving an issue people really care about, health care. But not in Poliquin’s ads or his allies’ ads or in the deluge of taxpayer-funded mail from his office, is there any mention of a vote that attracted extensive attention from the press and […]

When government assistance isn’t welfare

Eighteen months into President Donald Trump’s presidency we’ve seen tariffs imposed on a slew of products and manufactured goods. Trump tweeted that “trade wars are good, and easy to win” but their harm has only begun to take its toll. Yet instead of modifying the tariffs or helping every business and consumer affected, Trump picked […]

Analysis: Second District poll suggests trouble for Poliquin with nasty race ahead

What’s most important about the new poll for ME-2 is not that Democrat Jared Golden and Republican Bruce Poliquin are neck and neck. Sure, that is important, both on its own terms and because the competitiveness of the race will help Golden bring in money and rally his supporters. It will attract national attention. But […]

Jared Golden supports really popular health policies. A Republican ad lies about them.

Jared Golden, the Democratic nominee for Maine’s Second Congressional District supports really popular health policies. His opponent, Rep. Bruce Poliquin, does not. So what do we see from Republicans? An ad that flat out lies about Golden’s views and tries to scare people. Let’s break this down: First, what does Golden support? Regarding health care, […]

Don’t let Trump obscure the importance of congressional races

President Donald Trump’s chaotic presidency, full of corrupt swamp creatures and beset by investigations, threatens to block out attention to congressional and state campaigns, but it also makes them even more important. Which political party controls Congress really matters if we are to exert some control over a presidential administration so unmoored from reality and […]