Jared Golden supports really popular health policies. A Republican ad lies about them.

Jared Golden, the Democratic nominee for Maine’s Second Congressional District supports really popular health policies. His opponent, Rep. Bruce Poliquin, does not. So what do we see from Republicans? An ad that flat out lies about Golden’s views and tries to scare people. Let’s break this down: First, what does Golden support? Regarding health care, […]

Don’t let Trump obscure the importance of congressional races

President Donald Trump’s chaotic presidency, full of corrupt swamp creatures and beset by investigations, threatens to block out attention to congressional and state campaigns, but it also makes them even more important. Which political party controls Congress really matters if we are to exert some control over a presidential administration so unmoored from reality and […]

Poliquin brags about award from Koch-funded pro-Social Security privatization group

At a time when people want larger Social Security benefits and higher taxes on the wealthy to fund them, Rep. Bruce Poliquin is bragging about receiving an award from a Koch brothers funded group that supports privatizing Social Security and Medicare. I haven’t seen any publicity about this from Poliquin’s campaign or congressional office, but […]

Much more than choice at risk with Kavanaugh nomination

With Donald Trump having nominated Brett Kavanaugh to fill Justice Anthony Kennedy’s seat, the eyes of Maine and the nation are on Sen. Susan Collins, who has long stated she, like most Mainers, is pro-choice. But as Maine voters look to November and beyond, every issue and every elective office matters.   When it comes […]

Trump obliterates Reagan’s vision of America

When I was traveling during the 2016 primary season, one person whose Airbnb I was staying in told me her neighbor was voting for Donald Trump because “he just wants to break things.” Actually the word wasn’t really “things.” You can use your imagination. Two-plus years later, what Trump has damaged is our national creed, […]

Susan Collins opposes bill focused on stopping taking children from asylum seekers

What is the position of Sen. Susan Collins regarding the Trump administration’s policy on taking children from asylum seekers? The Collins position is that she doesn’t like what’s happening but she doesn’t support the focused bill, written by Sen. Feinstein, which would stop it. (See text here). Outside of Maine, the media gets that. Here, […]

Poliquin challenger must stand up for Maine people

This week or soon after, we’ll know who Democratic voters in Maine’s Second Congressional District selected to take on US Rep. Bruce Poliquin. With the nomination fight in the rear view mirror, it will be time for a reality check. Whoever goes up against Poliquin faces the tough challenge of running against a very, very […]

My husband’s near-death experience shows why access to heath care in essential 

Last year my husband almost died. He had blood clots in a leg that lodged in both of his lungs. That limited his air flow and put stress on his heart. The doctors and nurses in the emergency room said he was lucky he came in and that he probably would have been dead if […]

To escape the swamp, look to candidates who have served

President Donald Trump’s 2016 promise to drain the swamp seems like a sick joke. Instead, we’re now mired in a deepening swamp. Given Trump’s history of business fraud, the administration’s swampishness was predictable, but its record is still astonishingly unethical. Trump gave more ethics waivers to lobbyists to work in his administration in his first […]