My husband’s near-death experience shows why access to heath care in essential 

Last year my husband almost died. He had blood clots in a leg that lodged in both of his lungs. That limited his air flow and put stress on his heart. The doctors and nurses in the emergency room said he was lucky he came in and that he probably would have been dead if […]

To escape the swamp, look to candidates who have served

President Donald Trump’s 2016 promise to drain the swamp seems like a sick joke. Instead, we’re now mired in a deepening swamp. Given Trump’s history of business fraud, the administration’s swampishness was predictable, but its record is still astonishingly unethical. Trump gave more ethics waivers to lobbyists to work in his administration in his first […]

Missing the integrity of Bill Cohen

When Bill Cohen watches the still-emerging scandals of the Trump campaign and administration, I wonder if he thinks of something Mark Twain supposedly said: “History doesn’t repeat itself but it often rhymes.” Cohen became a senator and then secretary of defense. But at age 33, he found himself thrust into history as a first-term member […]

Susan Collins wasn’t duped on tax bill

After being applauded last summer for voting against repealing the Affordable Care Act, Sen. Susan Collins supported the Republican tax cut bill despite Congress not adopting health policy provisions she said were necessary to win her vote. In November 2017, Collins said her support for the tax bill depended on passage of two provisions, on […]

Is a blue wave headed toward Maine’s 2nd Congressional District?

When Democrat Conor Lamb, a thirty-something Marine and attorney, narrowly won a special election last week in Pennsylvania, people around the country took notice. Lamb’s life story was compelling and he ran a campaign discussing kitchen table issues. He pledged to work across the aisle while taking a stand against the priorities of the Republican […]

Fake news is dangerous to our health

There’s a new tone to our politics coming from calling accurate, but unfavorable, reporting fake news and creating partisan fake news outlets.   We’ve seen it in national politics as President Donald Trump rails against the media for reporting on everything from the Russia probe to his policies and even his own words. In Maine, […]

Women’s political energy outmatches Trump team

Last weekend’s converging storylines seemed almost cinematic. Just after the federal government shut down, huge protests took place across the country. These dual developments suggest where American politics is going. Grassroots energy, much of it coming from women, far outmatches the chaos in Washington, D.C. and the confusion and lassitude of the Trump administration. One […]