Uproar in Philly does not reflect most Sanders backers


There’s uproar in the streets of Philadelphia, as pro-Sanders protestors carry signs, a giant paper mache marijuana joint and shout (sometimes vulgar) slogans. And today, when Sen. Bernie Sanders held a meeting with delegates, some booed when he said they should support Hillary Clinton. But how representative are these individuals of people who voted and caucused […]

Authoritarianism and fear at the Trumpian GOP convention

Donald Trump in Palm Beach, Florida, in March. Carlo Allegri | Reuters

Has there ever been a scarier, more authoritarian vision of politics than the one shown at the Republican convention in Cleveland? If so, I can’t remember it. The convention’s first night, dedicated to the theme of Make America Safe Again, promoted the ideas that crime has risen, immigrants are criminals and Clinton and Obama were […]

Clinton critics blast emails as GOP national security Trump critics shrug

Donald Trump in Palm Beach, Florida, in March. Carlo Allegri | Reuters

After FBI Director James Comey announced it didn’t make sense to indict Hillary Clinton over anything to do with her State Department emails, her critics got very angry. Some, including Donald Trump, got very angry and floated conspiracy theories about why she wasn’t being charged. A group of Republicans with deep involvement in national security […]

As Trump arrives in Bangor, more Republicans step away

Donald Trump speaking at CPAC in Washington D.C. on February 10, 2011. Photo credit: Gage Skidmore (Creative Commons)

Donald Trump’s trip to Bangor comes at a time when many in his own party have distanced themselves from him. This is a national phenomenon. Trump is so toxic that Republicans are deciding not to go to the Republican National Convention and turning down speaking roles. Funding for the convention is low because sponsors don’t […]

Film Clinton showed at victory party included Maine’s Margaret Chase Smith

Presidential candidate Margaret Chase Smith arrives at Cow Palace in San Francisco for the National Republican Convention. 
Maine Memory Network. Picture contributed by the Margaret Chase Smith Library

On the evening of the last big set of Tuesday primaries, when Clinton won the the majority of delegates awarded by voters and caucus goers, a Maine Republican made a brief appearance. Hillary Clinton marked the historic nature of her candidacy as the first woman to be the presumptive nominee of a major political party. […]

Polls won’t help Sanders with superdelegates. Here are five polling reasons why.

Carucha L. Meuse | The Journal News | USA TODAY NETWORK

In the waning time before the last Democratic presidential primaries, Sanders has hitched his hopes on the superdelegates overturning pledged delegates and giving him the nomination. A key part of his case hinges on general election polls, with the claim that they show he would be the stronger nominee against Trump. While there are many […]