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Costs down and benefits up for Obamacare, but Maine lags

As Obamacare begins to make a difference, Maine is lagging. Remember when people said that the Affordable Care Act doesn’t do anything to lower costs? That’s already been proved wrong — and in a big way. According to the highly respected Congressional Budget Office, compared with its 2010 estimate, projections for Medicare spending in 2020 […]

Dashing toward Maine’s future, immigrants make us better

As the crowd applauded, Maine’s change and potential for growth stood on a field last Saturday. The Lewiston boys’ cross-country team grinned, as one member held the state class A trophy. While every new generation is an opportunity for growth and a new direction, something was different about these young men. Just listing the scorers’ […]

Maine Republicans need not be ‘the party of no’

Imagine every person in Bangor clustered on the waterfront. Some stand straight. Others hold a cane or lie in a hospital bed. Some will be restless children or newborns in arms. Now double that. This assembly would still have fewer than the number of Maine people who would benefit from Medicaid expansion. Will they hear […]

When sick, you need more than family, community support

Some medical situations hit you like a kick to the gut. A friend has a car accident with injuries requiring hospitalization, surgery and an extended recovery. A heart attack kills a loved one. You hear cancer is likely. And then there are those that shake you up with the knowledge of mortality and the prospects […]

Short hits: Special Obamacare at the Supreme Court edition

Some recommended links and resources on the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) for its big week at the Supreme Court – Suggestions are most welcome. Please check back for additions – Obamacare and the Courts ACA Litigation Blog: An incredibly extensive compilation of briefs and legal decisions American Bar Association Preview of ACA at the Supreme […]

Preserving our memories: September 11

Remarkable Collections  Remembering is in an individual act, but it is also collective. While each person’s memory fades and shifts, historians and journalists preserve these accounts, some offered right after shocking events and others provided weeks or months later. Should you wish to explore some remarkable collections, see the September 11 Digital Archive and the 9/11 […]