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The nonsense of the debt-ceiling debate

The shenanigans surrounding the increase in the debt ceiling are just the kind of politics that drives most of us crazy and contributes to Congress’s historically low approval ratings. Congress passed laws mandating certain spending, which is funded with revenue from taxes, fees and bonds. Not raising the debt ceiling means not paying our bills, […]

Maine’s ‘sister’ country, Montenegro, offers perspective on U.S. politics

CNN International was on the big screen TVs, flashing maps of red and blue, while reporters interviewed the prime minister and assorted experts. In the reception area, people in business dress picked from platters of soft feta cheese, figs, smoked meats and thin pancakes. Whatever language was spoken, the subject was American elections and what […]

New budgets, policies should reflect direction expressed by voters

With the second inauguration of Barack Obama, and the seating of new legislatures, elected officials should pay attention to the issues that defined the election and make policy decisions that reflect the people’s choices. Elections have consequences. After a campaign in which Republicans called for tax cuts mostly delivered to high-income people, fewer regulations on […]

Nora Ephron’s Washington

Confession: Whenever I see or hear Carl Bernstein (of the Watergate reporter team Woodward and Bernstein), I think of Heartburn by Nora Ephron. Heartburn is based on her life with Bernstein, on when, while pregnant, she discovered he was having an affair. It is funny, sad, poignant — with recipes yet. Most of the news […]