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New Hampshire’s Republican-controlled Senate passed Medicaid expansion today


After getting together in multiple meetings to negotiate, Republican and Democratic leaders in the Granite State agreed on a compromise to expand Medicaid. Today the Republican-controlled Senate passed the bill, 18-5. New Hampshire’s Democratic governor backs it, and the Democratic-controlled House is also seen as likely to support it. Thus Medicaid expansion is effectively a […]

What sparks a commitment to social justice? On Bill Cohen, Martin Luther King and more

Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel (center left) joins with Martin Luther King in 1968, at one of many joint appearances.

During the Civil Rights era, blacks and Jews had a close, even special relationship. Rabbis and other Jewish leaders supported and marched with black civil rights leaders. Jews worked for change, sometimes putting themselves in great danger themselves. Of the three civil rights workers killed in Mississippi during Freedom Summer, 1964, two — Andrew Goodman […]

After giant theatrical checks, reality check needed for Maine health care

Health politics is getting increasingly theatrical even as health policy has serious consequences. Some of the theater is great fun. For instance, in Maine last week, an event included not one, but two giant checks. One giant check was being delivered by Gov. Paul LePage to pay all state debts owed to hospitals in one […]