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Maine GOP’s second attack on Chin’s Christianity

Ben Chin

In all the writing on Republican attacks on Ben Chin’s Christian faith, attention has focused on one example in particular. Based on his reading of a blog post put up by the Maine GOP selectively quoting a sermon Ben Chin gave in Lewiston’s Trinity Episcopal Church, Lockman called Chin “an anti-Christian bigot” and said “Chin […]

Religious intolerance of Chin’s Christianity should be a step too far for Maine GOP

Ben Chin

As a proud Jew, it feels a little odd to weigh in on comments about whether someone is a good Christian. As a citizen who loves this country and state, and as a scholar who knows how bias has harmed others and how our Constitution’s very first amendment protects free expression of religion and prohibits […]

Clean Elections’ second big win plus Election Day vote win equals pro-reform Maine


Mainers delivered a strong win on Clean Elections that’s been getting national coverage. The vote shows the state remains a force for citizen control when it comes to campaigns and the vote. Clean Elections, then and now Question 1 opponents sometimes said that Maine people didn’t support the law anymore, that the public had shifted. […]

After Maine opened on-line charter schools, big national study found major problems

By Wikimedia Foundation (File:Licensing tutorial en.svg) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

On-line education has been growing in Maine. Two on-line charter schools (i.e., “virtual academies”) have opened and the University of Maine System has been promoting on-line education, too. However, new reports from CREDO, a well-respected research institute at Stanford University, and two other excellent educational research centers, raise serious questions about the quality of on-line charters. Because […]

It’s time to debunk five mistaken arguments against Question 1

Credit: George Danby l BDN

This year Maine’s biggest statewide vote involves Question 1, a referendum that would increase accountability and transparency for campaign donations, as it would also restore public financing and fund it by closing corporate tax breaks. Without a robust system of Clean Elections, candidates would be more dependent on big-pocket donors A recent study of judicial […]

Why LePage and Legislature will definitely clash on land bonds in January


While Gov. LePage refuses to sell Land for Maine Future bonds supported by the Maine people, he’s freed a much smaller amount of funds currently on hand. But let’s not forget that the Legislature’s effort to force him to do his duty — to issue the bonds Maine people want issued — is not yet […]

LePage claims school funding is unconstitutional


Gov. LePage has, you might say, some unusual views about the Maine Constitution. In July 2015 the governor neglected to veto a whole slew of bills he wanted to veto. After the Maine Supreme Judicial Court received arguments (including a brief by three Maine citizens who claimed the Legislature and Attorney General Mills were traitors), […]

Bipartisanship breaks out over Clean Elections

As the leaves turn and our first snowflakes appear, Maine can pick a rare option at the voting booth. We can embrace a bipartisan effort that furthers the fundamental democratic ideal of having voters’ voices heard, with people in office who will listen to Mainers rather than powerful interests. Voting for Question 1 is a […]

Fewer than a third approve of LePage. Does that matter?

Gov. Paul LePage speaks at the Maine Heritage Policy Center luncheon at the Cross Insurance Center in Bangor. Photo credit: Gabor Degre | BDN

The day that the Government Oversight Committee voted to subpoena LePage staffers, a new poll from Critical Insights showed that in late September only 32% of Mainers approved of the job the governor is doing. 55% disapproved. Does LePage’s very low approval matter? Gov. LePage may not think so. The governor has stopped working with […]

How much do Maine people want to fund Planned Parenthood?

Maine poll by Hart Research Associates

National data show strong support for funding Planned Parenthood, but what do Maine people think? A new poll from Hart Research demonstrates that Mainers want the group to receive federal funds. [You can see details about the poll’s sample and methodology below.] Not only do 70% oppose defunding Planned Parenthood, but 55% strongly oppose defunding. A […]