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Even as GOP posted wins, most Mainers support Obamacare

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In a good year for Republicans in Maine (and in much of the country) and, as the health insurance exchange (at opens for enrollment, it turns out that Mainers who voted in 2014 support Obamacare or something that goes further. Just take a look at this question from the Maine exit poll: On the […]

LePage’s lousy public health record, Cain and Raye pictured, and a final poll

Emily Cain (center) with Kevin and Karen Raye.

Here are three stories for the end of this election season: 1. LePage and his administration made a significant error for Maine’s health.  Maine’s public health system is involved in tracking illnesses, informing people who may have been exposed to illness and determining if quarantines are needed In a case that’s gotten relatively little attention, […]

In LePage’s Maine, health coverage looks more like the South than New England

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The year’s governor’s race will clearly and indisputably affect how many Mainers will have health coverage and thus how many will suffer and die prematurely. A map, based on data from Civis Analytics and Enroll America, shows health insurance coverage by county. While every state but New England has counties mostly in the 0-10% with […]

A week before the election, the Republican Governors Association puts out ad touting Cutler

Today New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is having his fourth Maine visit to support Gov. LePage’s reelection — although again these men aren’t holding a rally anyone can attend. Instead they’ll do a meet and greet with some voters at Quirk Auto Park in Bangor and then have a fundraiser. This is quite a contrast […]

This year, Bangor’s economy, schools and wages are on the ballot

We built it. Bangor’s great schools and fantastic library, excellent health care facilities, outdoor music, new civic center and vibrant downtown didn’t just happen by accident. Many people put work into creating what we have and making Bangor a thriving regional center. This is a city that doesn’t say “no” to new ideas. But what’s […]

Same split the vote strategy in Maine governor’s race takes a toking turn in North Carolina

Image from ad paid for by Koch brothers funded organization on behalf of North Carolina's Libertarian Senate candidate, who is far back in third place

In Maine, we’ve seen the Republican party and its supporters praising and otherwise assisting Eliot Cutler in an attempt to split the anybody-but-LePage vote. Gov. LePage promoted Cutler’s candidacy just yesterday, claiming he’s the stronger opponent than Michaud. In reality, Michaud is just ahead of LePage in the polling average, with Cutler twenty-five percentage points […]

Ebola anxiety can’t be cured by cutting government

Ebola is a horrific disease that’s become a target of overreaction by frightened people who, like most, do a poor job in judging what’s a real risk. But it’s also an example of how inadequate health programs are dangerous. Even before Ebola came to our shores, government mattered. The lack of any credible public health […]