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After giant theatrical checks, reality check needed for Maine health care

Health politics is getting increasingly theatrical even as health policy has serious consequences. Some of the theater is great fun. For instance, in Maine last week, an event included not one, but two giant checks. One giant check was being delivered by Gov. Paul LePage to pay all state debts owed to hospitals in one […]

LePage, it’s not black-hearted to disagree

The best politicians care about how laws and programs affect people but don’t mistake disagreement for personal attacks. But, even after Maine’s Legislature finished its budget business, Gov. Paul LePage appeared to feel personally put upon. Despite prevailing on many issues, in part by vetoing a record number of bills and having the vast majority […]

Maine Republicans need not be ‘the party of no’

Imagine every person in Bangor clustered on the waterfront. Some stand straight. Others hold a cane or lie in a hospital bed. Some will be restless children or newborns in arms. Now double that. This assembly would still have fewer than the number of Maine people who would benefit from Medicaid expansion. Will they hear […]

Three ways Maine can save money and lives

Listening to Mainers debate health policy, some seem to talk only about finances. They focus on what care costs, whether the state can afford it and the impact of decisions on hospitals’ bottom lines. But others contend that, while medical coverage is a financial matter, it’s also about improving health, preventing disease and keeping people […]