Pig prop highlights LePage limits

Props outside of Gov.. LePage's office. June 17, 2017 l Photo credit: Christopher Cousins l BDN

Props outside of Gov.. LePage’s office. June 17, 2017. Photo credit: Christopher Cousins l BDN

Gov. LePage has taken himself out of normal governance and now is resorting to performance art.

His Christmas tree with the bipartisan theme of ornaments with the faces of both Republicans and Democrats, plus a pink pig and a display, probably was a lot of fun for someone to imagine and put together.

But it does nothing to further his influence or power.

This is not the sign of a second term governor who thinks he can craft legislation that will have a long-lasting impact.

If anything, it makes it even harder for the governor work with legislators and legislative leadership, whether on the budget or other matters.

No doubt LePage will continue to use his veto power and will reach out to the public. The latter hasn’t yet proven effective and LePage is on track to have the most vetoes overridden in Maine history.

Gov. LePage promised to campaign against legislators who disagreed with him, whether they’re Republicans or Democrats.

Evidently at least some of them get themselves on an ornament as well, but not Sen. Tom Saviello (R-Wilton), who BDN reporter Mario Moretto notes was “upset not to be on [LePage’s] naughty list, so he added his own pic[ture].”

Sen. Tom Saviello l Photo: Mario Moretto

Sen. Tom Saviello l Photo: Mario Moretto

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