LePage wrote letter to try to keep Speaker Eves from school job (updated)

Mark W. Eves

Mark W. Eves

See update at the end of post.

Recently Gov. LePage pulled back his own nominations, vetoed a slew of bills, stayed aloof from budget negotiations, and took the time to try to stop a prominent Democrat from getting a new job.

In a position starting July 1, 2015

[Speaker of the Maine House Mark] Eves will be in charge of leading and building support for several institutions on the Good Will-Hinckley campus, including the Maine Academy of Natural Science, the Glenn Stratton Learning Center, the L.C. Bates Museum, the College Step-up Program and the Carnegie Library.

Eves plans on continuing in the Legislature. Due to term limits, Eves is in his last term.

What did LePage do?

Gov. LePage wrote a letter to try to stop Eves from getting the job.

LePage, in a letter dated June 8, said he had “serious concerns” about Eves leading Good Will-Hinckley, which also runs the Maine Academy of Natural Sciences, the state’s first charter school.

“As a former at-risk youth myself, I question the ability of Speaker Eves to lead the mission of the Maine Academy of Natural Sciences and administer the difficult and unique challenges faced by each of its students,” LePage wrote. [source]

As you may recall, about a week and a half ago, Gov. LePage said Eves “should go back home to where he was born.”

In the same press conference, the governor said Senate Minority Leader Justin Alfond “should be put in a playpen.”

By the way, Eves was elected in 2014 with 56.53% of the vote. LePage received 48.45%.

LePage’s letter is a continuation of unusually personal commentary from one elected official about another.


Below you can see the letter Gov. LePage wrote regarding Speaker Eves.

The governor notes the Speaker’s previous opposition to charter schools, questions if Eves would have time to do the work properly, claims cronyism is behind the selection of Eves, and provides his judgment that “his skills in conflict resolution, leadership, negotiation and reconciliation are sadly deficient.”

LePage letter to Good Will-Hinckley Board by thisdog

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