You don’t have to be Jewish to love this awesome Passover Rube Goldberg machine

Seder plate

Seder plate

Passover is my favorite Jewish holiday.

With the Seder and its emphasis on story-telling and passing along and explaining the rituals, singing, a role for children and a big holiday meal, what’s not to like?

Passover is a liberation story, with a sometimes reluctant leader (Moses), miracles (by God), a villain (the Pharaoh), and an population that was hard to rouse but then threw in for freedom, with an active role for women (who hid baby Moses and later readied the people to leave and danced to celebrate when the people became free).

Whether you’re Jewish or not, you can enjoy this fabulous Passover Rube Goldberg machine from the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology.

After you watch the video, maybe check out Technion’s behind the scenes piece about the Rube Goldberg machine’s set-up.

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