In their own words: Candidates Cain, Jackson, Poliquin and Raye

i-voted-stickerWith the party primaries for Maine’s second congressional seat coming up on June 10, check out what the candidates are saying.

Below see the state Democratic convention speeches by Emily Cain and Troy Jackson, and speeches by Bruce Poliquin and Kevin Raye at the Penobscot County GOP Caucus. (These were posted by the Maine Progressives Warehouse and As Maine Goes.)

Jackson’s speech has gotten the most attention for its powerful, populist tone, and it’s definitely worth watching. To understand what each candidate thinks is most important to convey, watch them all.

And, of course, if you want to learn more, you can check out the websites of candidates Emily Cain, Troy Jackson, Bruce Poliquin and Kevin Raye.

You have to be enrolled in a party to vote in its primary but, if you’re unenrolled you can enroll at the polls. To find out where to vote, contact your town clerk.


Amy Fried

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