Cutler gives supporters permission to vote for someone else

Eliot Cutler

Eliot Cutler

No doubt, Eliot Cutler would like to be governor. He’s in his second run, has put out policy proposals, and is raising money, loaning his own money to the campaign, meeting voters, and getting ready to advertise.

But he’s also getting questions about splitting the vote.

In this video (at around 2:30), he tells a group of supporters that if they think he’d do the best job in the governorship, they should stick with him, and then adds a proviso.

If, on the day before the election, or the morning you have to go vote, if you don’t think I can win, vote for someone else.

Cutler will be campaigning hard, but he’s also well-aware of concerns about how a three way race could play out.

Amy Fried

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