Angus King: The Obamacare surge is going strong

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Except for some exceptions, the end of signups for subsidized health insurance for 2014 is almost done.

Unless you have some major change in your life this year (or if you try to sign up before the deadline and can’t finish it), Monday, March 31, is the last day to do it.

And enrollments are surging

Last week the federal government announced that 6 million had signed up for policies., a website run by a fellow named Charles Gaba which has been incredibly accurate, estimates that 6.72 million will have signed up for coverage by the end of March.

But it’s possible there will be even more signups for private insurance through the marketplace.

Around 5PM today, the day before the deadline, tweeted that, during this final weekend. there had already been 2 million visits to the website and 380,000 calls.

People are lining up around the corner to sign up.

Yes, there are still questions to answer about the signups, such as the age breakdown, how many have and will pay their premiums, and the mix of people who had and didn’t have insurance.

But there is no doubt that people are signing up for private insurance through the marketplaces — and doing so in large numbers.

Others have gained insurance through their parents’ plan or Medicaid.

Just like happened with Romneycare, there’s a big surge at the end.

Maine Senator Angus King discussed this and other issues involving the Affordable Care Act on Fox News, with a very skeptical reporter and a Republican Senator.

King said, “They’re probably going to make that 7 million target,” referring to the original target for this first open enrollment period set before the website opened on Oct. 1, 2013. This was lowered to 6 million after the initial problems with the website.


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