If you haven’t been reading Emily Shaw’s blog, you really should

Dear everyone who is interested in politics and policy, whether in Maine or the United States,

Emily Shaw, Assistant Professor of Political Science, Thomas College

Have you been reading Emily Shaw’s blog? If not, you really should.

Shaw is a political scientist at Thomas College (in Waterville, Maine) who does fabulous work on her blog.

She does data-oriented, evidence based blogging. Frequently you’ll find a map she’s created. For example, recently she mapped out the impact of SNAP (Food Stamp) cuts by Maine county.

Back when the grades for Maine schools were released, Shaw went to work, graphing the relationship between grades and poverty levels. She later followed up with a more detailed look at the Department of Education grades and their relationship to underlying data and to school lunch participation.

Her work is insightful and very useful to productive discussions of policy and politics.

So, if you’re not reading Shaw’s blog, you should!

Disclosure: Emily Shaw and I have co-authored several research papers.


Amy Fried

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