Working class candidates in our millionaires’ Congress

Financial wealth distribution in the U.S. Congress. House of Representatives shown at the top and the Senate at the bottom.

People are frustrated with Congress.

Maybe one reason is that these legislators are out of touch with ordinary Americans.

Tonight come to Brewer to listen and ask questions at “Balancing the Ballot: Working Class Candidates for Public Office,” at Eastern Maine Labor Council, 20 Ivers St., Brewer. It’s 6:45–8 p.m. on Wednesday, October 2.

Participants include Prof. Nick Carnes of Duke University and Mainers, including state senator Troy Jackson, former candidate and union official Emery Deaby and John Hansen, former head of the Bureau of Labor Education at UMaine.

Earlier today, Prof. Nick Carnes will speak at noon, on Wednesday, Oct. 2, at the Peace and Justice Center of Eastern Maine, 96 Harlow St., Bangor, on “Why do Millionaires Run the Country?” This talk is co-sponsored by the League of Women Voters

And tomorrow, on Thursday, Oct. 3, Carnes will speak on “The Cash Ceiling: How Expensive Elections Affect Who Runs for Office” at 12:30 p.m. in the Bangor Room of the Memorial Union at the University of Maine.

Also, read today’s Bangor Daily News column by Nick Carnes on “How poorer politicians can shatter the cash ceiling.”

Amy Fried

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