LePage campaign complains that Michaud campaign fixed an ad

You can tell this is going to be a long and trying campaign season.

The LePage campaign, the Maine Heritage Policy Center and this paper’s Matt Gagnon (who works for the Republican Governors Association) have all complained about an ad run by a candidate they oppose.

The ad was run by Mike Michaud’s campaign regarding the job creation record of Gov. LePage. It included data from a July study by a respected source that was completely accurate and widely reported at the time. However, the annual figures in September were not the same as July’s.

What makes the complaints unusual is that that the candidate’s ad has already been changed.

Now, usually campaigns only complain about ads when they need correction.

Now that the ad has been fixed, what’s the complaint?

On Thursday, Littlefield said the video edit to delete the claim was “done purposefully under the cover of darkness” so Michaud could avoid being held accountable for the gaffe. [source 1]

If you go look at Michaud’s kick-off video now, however, you’ll find that little attack missing. . . Michaud just silently changed the video and moved along with his day without acknowledging it. [source 2]

Michaud’s campaign team quietly edited the incorrect statement from their ad. The ad, minus the spurious claim about job growth in Maine over the past year, is still the focal point of Michaud’s campaign website. [source 3]

With very similar language, these Michaud opponents complain that the ad was corrected “under the cover of darkness,” “silently,” and “quietly.”

Evidently this is supposed to spark citizens’ outrage.

Yes, this will be a long campaign season.

Amy Fried

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