The 85%: Another highlight of the Affordable Care Act

About 85% of people buying insurance through each state’s health care marketplaces will get financial aid.

Unfortunately, that’s left out of the Bangor Daily News’s “Highlights of the Affordable Care Act,” a piece which is part of what looks to be an excellent public service.

It’s unfortunate because, as research shows, most people don’t know about the financial aid.

They see stories about the cost of premiums but don’t hear that, if they’re buying from the insurance marketplace, it’s very unlikely they will pay the full premium.

Financial aid — delivered through subsidies which the IRS can pay to insurance companies —  is one way buying insurance through the marketplace is more affordable.

If people needing insurance don’t know they can get aid to purchase it, they may just look at the premiums and think that’s what they’ll pay. For 85%, that’s incorrect.

From how the Bangor Daily News series is described, it looks like this will be covered later. But I hope they’ll add a clause on financial aid to the “Highlights.”

Amy Fried

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