“Man’s brain” means no health expansion? Barbie might agree

Earlier today, House Minority Leader, Republican Ken Fredette attributed his opposition to Medicaid expansion to having a “man’s brain.”

Evidently, having a “man’s brain” means he “thinks differently” so he understands “there’s a cost to this.”

Now, the nonpartisan Kaiser Foundation analysis found that Maine will come out way ahead financially if we expand Medicaid. That analysis was repeated in a report by the far-right Heritage Foundation. It’s also been established that Medicaid expansion improves health and reduces deaths.

Besides the policy realities, this comment was insulting to both women and men. It’s obvious why that’s so for women. It’s also insulting to men because it means that if they support Medicaid expansion they’re somehow unmanly, as they’re like a woman. That’s how misogyny works.

But what do I know? I have a woman’s brain.

As Teen Talk Barbie once said, “Math class is tough!”

Updates: Rep. Fredette has apologized. However, it already been picked up by the national press. Also, a Republican conservative with whom I correspond says that this post is not my best work. It certainly isn’t my most serious, but isn’t some humor indicated at times?

Amy Fried

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