Post-surgical (w/update)

I write this column from my hospital bedside, having had six hours of surgery on March 6 at Sloan-Kettering, a major national cancer treatment center.

My prognosis is very good but I can tell you, major abdominal surgery is no joke — and neither is the follow-up care required.

This Wednesday my newspaper column will not appear because I wasn’t sure I’d have the energy to write it. That was the right call.

Pollways will not turn into a personal blog but I will talk about my cancer sometimes. It sure adds to my appreciation of people having access to life-saving health care. Those who say people can always just go to an emergency room don’t have a clue. If my disease was found when symptoms were so bad that I’d seek emergency care, I’d have little time left in my life.

Some people close to me told me I should not write this blog post or write about this subject publicly because, you know, people can be so mean. And indeed they can, I said, but anyone who responds in such a way outs themselves as a certain type of person. Besides which, the meanness of triviality usually doesn’t extend to grave matters.

I so appreciate everyone who has given me care and support.

Peace and health to you and your families.

3/19/13 update: I am happy to report that further testing indicates that the indicated follow-up will consist of close monitoring.

Amy Fried

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