President Obama is anti-death star, pro-Force

Fully armed and fully operational, the death star in Star Wars was an awesome creation.

Yet in what must be seen as an anti-defense move, there won’t be one in our country’s future.

No, the Obama administration won’t fund a death star, which could generate giant beams capable of blasting planets to bits or hitting starships.

In a response to a petition at the White House website, the Obama administration posted its anti-death star response, with the following reasons:

  • The construction of the Death Star has been estimated to cost more than $850,000,000,000,000,000. We’re working hard to reduce the deficit, not expand it.
  • The Administration does not support blowing up planets.Why would we spend countless taxpayer dollars on a Death Star with a fundamental flaw that can be exploited by a one-man starship?

The White House then describes current U.S. space projects and notes:

We don’t have a Death Star, but we do have floating robot assistants on the Space Station, a President who knows his way around a light saber and advanced (marshmallow) cannon, and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, which is supporting research on building Luke’s arm, floating droids, and quadruped walkers.

We are living in the future! Enjoy it. Or better yet, help build it by pursuing a career in a science, technology, engineering or math-related field. The President has held the first-ever White House science fairs and Astronomy Night on the South Lawn because he knows these domains are critical to our country’s future, and to ensuring the United States continues leading the world in doing big things.

In what can only be seen as a pro-Jedi position, the response concludes:

If you do pursue a career in a science, technology, engineering or math-related field, the Force will be with us! Remember, the Death Star’s power to destroy a planet, or even a whole star system, is insignificant next to the power of the Force.

Now, this is pretty amusing.

But one thing this brings to mind is that the U.S. does indeed spend quite a lot on the military.

As the below graph shows, U.S. military spending is more than the next thirteen countries combined.

This sector likely will be cut in the next few years, but it’s unlikely that these ratios will move in any significant way — even without building a death star.


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