Pollster Rasmussen on the Tea Party, 2010 vs 2013

2010: “[The Tea Party is] a genuinely grassroots phenomenon with unprecedented broad-based support. [I]t is literally groundbreaking . . . the American political landscape itself has irreversibly shifted.”

2013: “Only eight percent (8%) now say they are members of the Tea Party, down from a high of 24% in April 2010 just after passage of the national health care law.”


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Amy Fried

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Amy Fried loves Maine's sense of community and the wonderful mix of culture and outdoor recreation. She loves politics in three ways: as an analytical political scientist, a devoted political junkie and a citizen who believes politics matters for people's lives. Fried is Professor of Political Science at the University of Maine and the faculty advisor to the UMaine College Republicans. Fried's views are her own and do not represent those of her employer or any group to which she belongs.